CSGO League App | Arcadia Gaming Club of IIITV


CS:GO Tournament App

An App where all the details about a tournament can be found.


  • User Side

    • Players can Register for the tournament through the App itself.
    • Users can Sign-in Anonymously.
    • Users can see the Match Schedule on the App.
    • Users can watch Match details (including time, score, winner team, MVP etc)
    • Users can see the points table on the App.
    • Users will get announcements from Organisers in case of match rescheduling or any important update on the App.
    • Many Features which can't be explained through a README. You can see the demo video below.
  • Admin Side

    • Admin can add teams on the App which are registered for the tournament.
    • Admin can organise Live Auction for the teams and players on the App inself.
    • Admin gets live updates about the Auction during live Auction.
    • Admin can add match schedule on the App which will be displayed to the users.
    • Admin can announce any updates throught the App itself.


💻 Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • Firebase

🤓 Contributors

Kapil Kumar
Flutter Lead @GDSC-IIITV
Kapil Kumar
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