The 'Reply' Material Design case study built with Flutter.


Reply ❤️ Flutter

Awesome Flutter

Reply is an email app that uses Material Design components and Material Theming to create an on-brand communication experience.

This project tries to deliver a pixel-perfect implementation of the Reply Material Design Case Study in Flutter. The focus lies on the UI (animation, layout, transition, etc.) and should showcase how powerful Flutter has become as a UI framework.

Reply Animation

Getting Started

To install the app on your phone you have two options. For Android you can download a pre-compiled APK file from the 'Releases' tab or use the this direct link.

You can also download and build the project locally - for this you need to have a local Flutter installation. Just clone the project and inside the root execute flutter run --profile. This will compile and install the app on your connected device / emulator / simulator. Also make sure to enable slow animations 😉

Design Resources

Currently most of the work is done with the resources you can find on the official Material page. For some animated icons 2Dimensions' Flare was used, you can find the design files here.


  • Initial animation (list, bottom navigation)

  • Expand transition with shared avatar

  • FAB compose transition

  • Animated FAB icon states

  • Dismissible list elements

  • Bottom sheet menu

  • Selecting list items

  • Disappearing bottom navigation (when scrolled)

  • Dismissible background animation

  • Pull-To-Refresh animation

  • Splash logo animation

  • Tablet / Desktop layout


Please file any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the repo.


If you wish to contribute to this repo, please send me a short DM on Twitter and / or open a pull request.

Thank You

  • @willlarche for providing me some assets for Reply 🎨
  • @slightfoot who helped me building the very first POC of the expand transition
  • The welcoming Flutter community for supporting me when I got started with Flutter some time ago 🚀
  • Fluiter



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  • Upgrade to Flutter 2

    Upgrade to Flutter 2

    Updates all the platforms and adds new ones

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    • macos
    • windows

    I ran

    flutter create --org net.flschweiger.reply --project-name reply .

    Fixes compilation errors

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  • I am having issues with running this in Flutter 2 and no easy way to upgrade

    I am having issues with running this in Flutter 2 and no easy way to upgrade

    Hello when I download and run this beautiful app I get this error and the solution on the flutter website is beyond my comprehension at this moment hence any help to run this is new flutter 2 is highly appreciated. Your Flutter application is created using an older version of the Android embedding. It's being deprecated in favor of Android embedding v2Follow the steps at

    to migrate your project.

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  • code bump

    code bump

    Are you still working on this?

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  • Cannot compile

    Cannot compile


    I received this error when I compiled it using Android Studio

    Compiler message: file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Pub/Cache/hosted/ Error: The argument type 'Int32List' can't be assigned to the parameter type 'Uint16List'.

    • 'Int32List' is from 'dart:typed_data'.
    • 'Uint16List' is from 'dart:typed_data'. Try changing the type of the parameter, or casting the argument to 'Uint16List'. indices: _indices, textureCoordinates: _uvBuffer); ^ Compiler terminated unexpectedly.
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Frederik Schweiger
Freelance Flutter Engineer 👨‍💻 I have a thing for animations and nice UIs ✨ Let's build something great. Together.
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