Flutter clone of my "Cinematic" App


Flutter Cinematic

This app is a Flutter port of the native Android App Cinematic. My intention in creating this app was understanding the intricacies of building apps in Flutter. Just like the native Android App this app does not make any efforts in being a nicely architectured application. That being said the whole point is to showcase Flutter's capabilities for building simple apps and to understand key difference and advantages to native development.


The app uses the Movie DB Public API as a data sources and uses the standard dart libraries for making network requests.

In terms of UI, the goal was replicating the Android design as closely as possible to understand the possibilities that Flutter offers for crafting UIs.

Building from Source

To build this app from source you will have to obtain an API-key from TMDB right here. Set this key to the constant API_KEY in constants.dart to run the app. Additionally, the app now uses Dart2 which means that you should enable that in your IDE if you haven't done so yet.


In App Experience


Creating this app and learning Flutter in general felt like a gift for developers. It significantly increased development velocity by, amongst others, reducing development cycles and the ability to create reactive, modular components. Coming from the realms of Android, those are the things that stood out to me:

  • Creating beautiful UIs is easier with Flutter
  • Avoiding to write boilerplate code (XML layouts, adapters etc.)
  • Creating UIs in a declarative way without dealing with the shortcomings of Android's Databinding
  • Hot Reload - this one is a game-changer
  • Dart is not that bad of a language, but it doesn't get close to Kotlin. I think for the Usecase of Flutter Dart actually makes a lot of sense
  • The ability to not worry about state changes in the UI. The Widget will take care of the rendering using it's properties or state


This project utilizes the MIT License

  • Failed to build release for Android devices. No issue on iOS devices.

    Failed to build release for Android devices. No issue on iOS devices.

    RMBP➜ FlutterCinematic git:(master) ✗ >flutter run -d all --release Running "flutter packages get" in FlutterCinematic... 0.5s Initializing gradle... 0.9s Resolving dependencies... 1.8s Launching lib/main.dart on MI 6 in release mode... Running 'gradlew assembleRelease'... VMIsolate(CodeSize): 4613 Isolate(CodeSize): 1699574 ReadOnlyData(CodeSize): 2484048 Instructions(CodeSize): 5880224 Total(CodeSize): 10068459 Gradle build failed to produce an Android package.

    opened by zinwalin 2
  • Favorite menu and adding to list icon missing

    Favorite menu and adding to list icon missing

    Hi, when I compare with Java version cinematic app, I saw the favorite option is missing in flutter app. Please enhance to provide such. Thanks.

    opened by sarada 1
  • sorry there was an error loading media data

    sorry there was an error loading media data

    after apply the changes suggested by pull request #24 opened on 10 May by @kkpenaranda the app runs on android studio 3.4.2. but in media_list.dart

     Widget _getContentSection() {
        switch (_loadingState) {
          case LoadingState.DONE:
            return ListView.builder(
                itemCount: _movies.length,
                itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) {
                  if (!_isLoading && index > (_movies.length * 0.7)) {
                  return MediaListItem(_movies[index]);
          case LoadingState.ERROR:
            return const Text('Sorry, there was an error loading the data!');
          case LoadingState.LOADING:
            return const CircularProgressIndicator();
            return Container();

    on widget _getContentSection first print LoadingState.LOADING then print LoadingState.ERROR and get the text 'Sorry, there was an error loading the data!' the api_key is working return results like:

        "page": 1,
        "total_results": 10000,
        "total_pages": 500,
        "results": [
                "popularity": 481.769,
                "vote_count": 364,
                "video": false,
                "poster_path": "/zfE0R94v1E8cuKAerbskfD3VfUt.jpg",
                "id": 474350,
                "adult": false,
                "backdrop_path": "/p15fLYp0X04mS8cbHVj7mZ6PBBE.jpg",
                "original_language": "en",
                "original_title": "It Chapter Two",
                "genre_ids": [
                "title": "It Chapter Two",
                "vote_average": 7.2,
                "overview": "27 years after overcoming the malevolent supernatural entity Pennywise, the former members of the Losers' Club, who have grown up and moved away from Derry, are brought back together by a devastating phone call.",
                "release_date": "2019-09-06"

    but i can't find why this doesn't show the list in the main screen. some one can help to solve this? thanks

    opened by alexlovar 1
  • Implement shows

    Implement shows

    opened by aaronoe 0
  • util/constants.dart file is missing

    util/constants.dart file is missing

    opened by MagicalQinZhe 0
  • Aaron/favorites


    opened by aaronoe 0
  • Updated README.md

    Updated README.md


    opened by alphamax17 0
  • Reported bugs fixed and changed dependencies so that we could compile

    Reported bugs fixed and changed dependencies so that we could compile

    We change the versions to the libraries to be able to run the application (rxdart, scoped_model). In addition, we solved issue #31 of memory leak, for this the HistoryLimit class was added, which is responsible for verifying the limit to the number of layers within the Navigator stack, the navigator class was also changed, with a new method to add media detail that removes views from the stack if they are very old. We also solved issue #32 , in this when the size of the favorites is very large, the application closes. For this, a new class was added within utils called app_model_db, it stores the favorites in a local database with sqlite, it has the same methods as the previous class and it works with Model, for this the imports to app_model were also modified. We also resolved isuue #33 an overflow in the media detail view, it was modified by changing the widget to a Wrap which makes it easier if the categories exceed the screen size, a new row is generated. We also solved isuue #34 , a method was added within utils to check the status of the internet connection and actor detail was modified to send a message when there is no connection.

    opened by Lala341 0
  • Connectivity scenarios

    Connectivity scenarios

    Hello, We found that the application does not handle connectivity scenarios, this would improve the user experience. There is a message in the view is there was an error in the data load, this message is sent if it is not possible to obtain the response of the data request. This message is only shown for the views that have lists of movies or tv shows, but for the others it does not exist. This happens when the user browses the application and loses the connection. For example, in the case of the detail of an actor, this verification does not exist, so it does not throw error messages, and since there is no data, the progress indicator remains fixed.

    opened by Lala341 0
  • Overflow in media detail

    Overflow in media detail

    Hello, We found a problem. It arises in the detail view of the movie or tv show when the size of the elements of the categories of these exceed the limit of the screen. This problem originates because the widget that has the Labels is a Row, it has a fixed size, therefore, when the size of the categories is greater, it generates the error. To solve this error, it is necessary to change the Row for a widget of the ListView type, which allows scrolling when the size is larger.


    opened by Lala341 0
  • Failed to reach maximum capacity of shared preferences for favorites.

    Failed to reach maximum capacity of shared preferences for favorites.

    Hello, We found a local data storage problem, when 100 movies stored in favorites in shared preferences are exceeded, it generates a memory error. This forces the application to stop, the solution lies in implementing another storage method for this type of local data on the device.

    opened by Lala341 0
  • Memory leak

    Memory leak

    Hello, We found a memory problem. There is no control to overlay views as we can infinitely delve into actors, movies and TV show, the stack can grow indefinitely and this causes the memory usage of the application to grow indefinitely as well, until the application reset or an OOM error occurs. This is an image of the performance on an android device, when the memory reaches 600MB, the application closes. Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-15 a la(s) 6 39 39 a  m

    opened by Lala341 0
  • upgrade dependencies version

    upgrade dependencies version

    upgrade dependencies version

    opened by dafinoer 0
  • scoped_model version

    scoped_model version

    My Dart SDK is v2.5.0 and does not work with scoped_model v0.2.0 unless scoped_model is updated. Had to update to v1.0.1

    opened by liciolentimo 0
  • how to change themoviedb API's language?

    how to change themoviedb API's language?

    i know this API support a lot of languages but how to change it ? image

    opened by vinhcuong 0
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