Complete Flutter OpenIdConnect Library


OpenIdConnect for Flutter

Standards compliant OpenIdConnect library for flutter that supports:

  1. Code flow with PKCE (the evolution of implicit flow). This allows poping a web browser (included) for authentication to any open id connect compliant IdP.
  2. Password flow. For use when you control the client and server and you wish to have your users login directly to your IdP.
  3. Device flow. For use typically with console applications and similar. Used currently for Windows, Linux and MacOs until WebView is supported on those platforms.
  4. Full OpenIdConnect Client library that encapsulates the entire process including refresh tokens, refreshing and publishes an event stream for your application.

The base library supports most of the basic OpenIdConnect functionality:

  1. Authorize/Login (for all 3 code flows)
  2. Logout
  3. Revoke Token
  4. Refresh Token
  5. User Info

In addition there is a complete OpenIdConnectClient which supports all 3 authorization flows AND automatically maintains login information in secure (ish, web is always the problem with this) storage and automatically refreshes tokens as needed.

Currently supports:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Web
  4. Windows
  5. MacOs
  6. Linux


For Linux, Windows and macOS currently your IdP MUST support device code flow to function properly with interactive login. Otherwise you must use password flow. This is because webView is not yet supported on these environments.

Getting Started

  1. Add openidconnect to your pubspec.yaml file
  2. Import openidconnect: import 'package:openidconnect/openidconnect.dart';
  3. Call the various methods: on OpenIdConnect OR use OpenIdConnectClient and subscribe to the events
  4. Review the example project for details.

(more detailed instructions coming soon)


  1. Copy the callback.html file from openidconnect_web (in this repo) into the web folder of your app. Make sure that your Idp has the proper redirect path https://{your_url_to_app/callback.html} as one of the accepted urls.

  2. OpenIdConnect web has 2 separate interactive login flows as a result of security restrictions in the browser. (Password and device flows are identical for all platforms) In most cases you'll want to use the default popup window to handle authentication as this keeps everything in process and doesn't require a reload of your flutter application. However, if you have to initiate interactive login outside of clicking a button on the page, your browser will block the popup and put a prompt up asking the user to allow it. This is a bad thing of course. Thus you can set useWebPopup = false on interactiveAuthorization when you need to initialize your authorization outside of a button click. This will result in a redirect in the same page and then the login page on your IdP will redirect back to /callback.html (see notes). This will then be processed using the OpenIdConnect.processStartup or by the OpenIdConnectClient on .create() and then your app will resume as normal including the url that it left off.

Note: It is VERY important to make sure you test on Firefox with the web, as it's behavior for blocking popups is significantly more restrictive than Chromium browsers.


Because of the ever changing nature of desktop support on flutter and incomplete plugin implementations the following are outstanding and will be updated when the functionality exists to do so:

  1. Use custom tabs and secure authentication popup on Android and IOS instead of WebView
  2. Use Secure authentication popup on windows (requires work from Tim Sneath on integration with Project Reunion on Windows and Dart)
  3. Switch macOs, and Linux to WebView and/or use secure authentication popup at least on macOs.
  4. More documentation!


Pull requests most welcome to fix any bugs found or address any of the above TODOs. I'm not a C++, Kotlin or Swift developer, so custom implementations for various environments would be greatly appreciated.

If adding a custom environment other than android and iOS please follow the flutter best practices and add a separate implementation project with: flutter create --template=plugin --platforms={YourPlatformHere} openidconnect_{YourPlatformHere} and add your code as appropriate there and then update the example project to use the new implementation.

Your new implementation needs to import the platform interface which is exactly one entry. That entry passes in the url to display in the secure browser and the redirect url that you should watch for to respond accordingly. (You can ignore the redirect url on most platforms that support custom URLs such as Android, iOS etc.) You should return the entire redirected URL which should include the ?code= (and perhaps state) when complete.

Everything else is handled in native dart code so the implementation is very straight forward.

  • How to Use this with okta as IDP

    How to Use this with okta as IDP

    Can this be used with OKTA.

    I tried the PKCE flow with okta I get the below response for callback.html "The authentication request has an invalid 'state' parameter."

    opened by sohan99 3
  • Error when running example

    Error when running example

    I can get the reply with my url. image

    But hit error when clicking the Lookup button. image

    Error: Expected a value of type 'List', but got one of type 'Null' at Object.throw_ [as throw] (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:5041:11) at Object.castError (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:5014:15) at Object.cast [as as] (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:5323:17) at Function.as_C [as as] (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:4960:19) at Function.fromJson (http://localhost:65418/packages/openidconnect/openidconnect.dart.lib.js:1620:998) at getConfiguration (http://localhost:65418/packages/openidconnect/openidconnect.dart.lib.js:376:50) at () at http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:37403:33 at _RootZone.runUnary (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:37274:59) at _FutureListener.thenAwait.handleValue (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:32530:29) at handleValueCallback (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:33057:49) at Function._propagateToListeners (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:33095:17) at[_completeWithValue] (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:32943:23) at (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:32964:35) at Object._microtaskLoop (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:37526:13) at _startMicrotaskLoop (http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:37532:13) at http://localhost:65418/dart_sdk.js:33303:9

    May I know what am I missing? Thanks.

    opened by jasonlaw 3
  • OpenIdConnectClient is not mockable for testing

    OpenIdConnectClient is not mockable for testing

    I'm looking to mock the OpenIdConnectClient so as not to make API calls in my tests, but I'm not currently able to do so

    I can mock out the static method OpenIdConnectClient.create() by putting a wrapper around the class. However, the actual constructor has been made private, so a mockable instance of OpenIdConnectClient can't be created to be used in tests.

    opened by rjacobskind 0
  • Broken on iOS due to WebView on setting App Redirect URI

    Broken on iOS due to WebView on setting App Redirect URI

    opened by ThomasAunvik 0
  • How to access logged in user information using multiple browser tabs

    How to access logged in user information using multiple browser tabs

    Is there a way to get logged user in information across multiple browser tabs using openidconnect_flutter.

    Is there call backs for events like logged in and logged out

    opened by sohan99 0
  • Question: Mobile complete screen redirection to identity server instead of popup

    Question: Mobile complete screen redirection to identity server instead of popup


    I tried this package for the web it's working without any issues, i.e. if i disable usePopup for web then it redirects web to ideneity server login screen and on login it redirects to the app again.

    but for mobile view usePopup is by default true, is there any workaround or solution in this current package where i can achieve same for the mobile (android/IOS) devices, i.e. instead of loading/redirecting the identity server in popup it should redirect app to the identity server and then on success redirects back to app, like it's flutter_appauth package

    Is there any way to achieve above requirement with current package., by handling changes in plugin,

    can you atleast expose complete dialog height and width parameters, instead of applying the minumum width and height from the inputs


    opened by SameerChorge94 0
  • authorizationInteractive on iOS Failed to redirect app

    authorizationInteractive on iOS Failed to redirect app


    Thanks for this lib! I succeed using it on flutter web app. But when testing on iOS, I have an error when the redirectURI is called by the webview

    flutter: Error Domain= Code=0 "Redirection to URL with a scheme that is not HTTP(S)" UserInfo={_WKRecoveryAttempterErrorKey=<WKReloadFrameErrorRecoveryAttempter: 0x6000024f9c80>, NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=com.myapp.test://login-callback?code=HvXMEgiCMbMhhBqU, NSErrorFailingURLKey=com.myapp.test://login-callback?code=HvXMEgiCMbMhhBqU, NSLocalizedDescription=Redirection to URL with a scheme that is not HTTP(S)}

    As the error says, webview doesn't redirect to non http(s) scheme. So the onPageFinished callback in android_ios.dart#OpenIdConnectAndroidiOS is never called.

    I managed to by pass this error adding

      navigationDelegate: (navigation) {
                    if (navigation.url.startsWith(redirectUrl)) {
                      Navigator.pop(dialogContext, navigation.url);
                      return flutterWebView.NavigationDecision.prevent;
                    return flutterWebView.NavigationDecision.navigate;

    I think, I'm not using correctly the lib for mobile app. What should I do to make it work without modifying the lib?

    My implementation is

    class Auth0Service {
      Future<AuthorizationResponse> login(
          BuildContext context, Auth0Configuration conf) async {
        final jsonConf = await OpenIdConnect.getConfiguration(
            "https://" + conf.auth0Domain + "/.well-known/openid-configuration");
        return OpenIdConnect.authorizeInteractive(
                context: context,
                title: "Interactive Login",
                request: await InteractiveAuthorizationRequest.create(
                  clientId: conf.auth0ClientID,
                  redirectUrl: conf.auth0RedirectURI,
                  scopes: ["openid", "offline_access"],
                  configuration: jsonConf,
                  autoRefresh: false,
                  useWebPopup: true,
            .where((event) => event != null)
            .map((event) => event!)
    class Auth0Configuration {
      final String auth0Domain;
      final String auth0ClientID;
      final String auth0RedirectURI;
      final String auth0Issuer;
      const Auth0Configuration(
          {required this.auth0Domain,
          required this.auth0ClientID,
          required this.auth0RedirectURI})
          : auth0Issuer = "https://" + auth0Domain;

    Where the Auth0Service class is available in a flutter package that I would like to reuse in my different projects


    opened by benji-bou 0
  • Save identity for web sign in with redirect

    Save identity for web sign in with redirect

    When using web sign in with useWebPopup set to false, the identity was not getting saved because the app only gets the response after the redirect from the auth provider.

    This PR saves the identity after processStartup so the identity is stored after a redirect with a valid authentication response.

    opened by Jjagg 0
  • Include query parameters from authorization_endpoint

    Include query parameters from authorization_endpoint

    Hi! Thanks for creating this library. Authentication was one of the things I was dreading for porting my app to web and this will make things a lot easier :)

    I'm using AD B2C and they include the user flow in the authorization_endpoint as a query parameter. See for example the openid configuration from my app: This library fully replaced the query parameters so the URL was no longer correct.

    This PR adds the original query parameters from the authorization_endpoint to the full uri.

    opened by Jjagg 0
  • Define defaultClientSecret as Empty when using a PKCE

    Define defaultClientSecret as Empty when using a PKCE

    Hey ! Thank you for this example project and the associated lib. A quick improvement would be to define the defaultClientSecret value as Empty or Null when requesting a PKCE token. If the value is set to a placeholder, the data client_secret will be added in the authent query and it'll fail.

    opened by FDuhen 0
  • add user registration

    add user registration

    I added a function to register new users

    opened by ohayak 0
  • Fix refresh timer

    Fix refresh timer

    The refreshTime in the refresh() method was being calculated incorrectly, and therefore the token refresh was not taking place before the token expiration time. This fixes the problem by implementing a calculation similar to the one found in the same file in _setupAutoRenew()

    opened by rjacobskind 0
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